Monday, January 28, 2008

Reluctant Smuggler

Looting of archaeological sites is big business in a thriving art and antiquities black market. When a desperate foreign government hires Desiree Jacobs’s security company to stop the hemorrhage, she runs afoul of a deadly art-for-drugs operation. Tony Lucano risks his rising career in the FBI to dive into the international underworld after her. Before either of them can come up for air, they must navigate through a deepening murk of ruthless looters, hair-trigger DEA agents, crooked government agents, and innocent bystanders caught up in an illegal trade beyond their understanding. Even if a miracle delivers Desi and Tony from evil, will their love survive the test?

Complete with a reader’s guide, this third book in the To Catch a Thief series explores the power of hope in the darkest of circumstances.

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Author Bio: Jill Elizabeth Nelson graduated with a degree in literature and creative writing from Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota. She served for three years as the senior inspirational reviewer for Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers Group, and Christian Authors Network. In 2004, she served as a Christy Award judge in the romance category. Nelson and her husband have four children and live in Madison, Minnesota.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer for Him

I continually pray for my husband, not only as a husband and father but more importantly as a child of God. It is inevitable that if he wavers in his walk with the Lord everything else will fall. However, if he is steadfast in his journey of faith all else will remain unmovable. He is the head and he has quite a large responsibility resting on his shoulders, but prayer is what sustains him. Prayer strengthens him during those secret moments of weakness. My prayers surround him daily as he works and during the night as he slumbers.

...that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day. -Holy Bible

(c) 2008 Takiela Bynum

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Jim was at work when his eyes drifted to the coffee shop visible from his office window. An attractive woman driving a Mercedes pulled up to the curb . . . and Jim’s married pastor emerged from the car. When Jim delves deeper into his pastor’s world, will he be able to handle what he discovers? Is he right to suspect that Dave is having an affair? In the behind-the-scenes church battle that ensues, Jim is torn between duty to his church and a desire to show grace. A ripped-from-the-headlines drama of suspense that keeps you engaged to the last page.

Fallen is the story about Jim’s relationship with Dave—how Jim tries to do the right thing to keep Dave accountable, but finds the situation getting worse and worse. It’s also about Jim’s other relationships. Just as he discovers hypocrisy in Dave, Jim discovers his own sins against his wife and daughter.

Monday, January 21, 2008

101 Cups of Water

In 101 Cups of Water, C.D. Baker exposes the hiddenness of the soul one sip at a time. Baker reveals the act of portraying a Christian as oppose to actually living godly. His prose is cleansing, as he unveils the driving force behind the thoughts that compel perfectionisms and success in the life of a Christian.

Baker discloses how Christians are held captive by good intentions. Christians endeavor to live up to self-righteous standards that are created in the head instead of the heart. Being bound to unholy expectations, and justifying self idolatry leaves heaviness on the heart. As attempts to try harder at Christian life fail, hope is rekindled with each cup that is drawn out of the living water. “Whosoever drinks of the water…shall never thirst.” (John 4:14)

The life of a Christian deteriorates, as self idolatry becomes a consuming passion, eventually leaving the soul parched. Each cup restores fluid to the dehydrated soul. Each reflection points the reader to Jesus by referencing scriptures that correspond with the smoothly elegant devotions. The simply written prose accentuates the beautiful monochrome photographs.

The book ends with ‘A Cup of Thanksgiving’ paradigm. This cup is the most refreshing of all because the reader thanks the Lord for each fault which leads back to the deep well of God’s grace.

Author Bio: C.D. Baker founded and operated an award-winning insurance business before redirecting his career to write. His historical novel Crusade of Tears in The Journey of Souls series earned a Christy Award nomination. He’s completing a master’s degree in theological studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he splits his time from home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His website is

Reviewed by: Takiela Bynum

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 A New Year

Aah, another year. One by which we've never seen before and will never see again. How blessed we are to have been able to cross over into 2008, for there were many others who were not so fortunate. I've pondered a resolve or two to vow, but was quickly reminded that the 'will power' within me will do nothing less than fail. I've learned to will myself to the power of God. For it is His resolute that is without fail.

Mr. Inside

Tragedy has a way revealing what is hidden in the recesses of the heart forcing one to question the very existence of God.

This has to be one of the most poignant pieces of fictitious literature that I’ve read. It leaves a certain lingering satisfaction.

Mr. Inside is otherwise known as Dr. Gustov Miller. He is the owner of Lost and Found International, by which he and Mr. Outside (James Morrison) successfully collects lost or stolen ancient artifacts and heirlooms.

The novel starts in 1947 when Dr. Miller is a young boy. Dr. Miller and his brother Andrew Miller are PK’s (preacher’s kids). Their parents’ heavy involvement in the ministry causes the Miller brothers to be well informed, as it pertains to the ways of Christendom.

Soon the Miller family feels a pulling in a different area of ministry. This calling leads them to destitute realms in Africa to be missionaries. While on their journey the Millers come face to face with an experience that changes the course of their lives forever.

After witnessing the traumatic experience in Africa the brothers’ reaction spills to opposite ends of the spectrum. One brother flees into the safety of agoraphobia, while the other pours himself into the family business.

The unanswered question that plagues Christians, Non-Christians and those who are still searching is simply this: ‘If God is real then why does he allow pain, suffering…death?’

The author, L. Frank James, does not in any means try to provide an answer to that question. However, he does offer comfort for the bitterness that stems from unforgiveness.

L. Frank James has cleverly written this novel in the perspective of the brother who holds his own heart captive. The question is asked to this brother, “Do you believe, do you not, in the God of the universe?” The brother answers, “He may exist, he may not. If he does he has long since abandoned us to our own devices.”

How does one combat God’s love with agnosticism? The love of God is not a point to be proven but it is a simple offering, for accepting or rejecting. What will you choose? “…time is wasting and eternity is waiting,” one brother tells the other in Mr. Inside.

L. Frank James is the award winning author of An Open Grave: Sherlock Holmes Investigates His Ultimate Case, his first novel. He allures the reader with his intriguing methodology in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, L. James Frank has departed this world. His demise was too soon I’m sure for his family, friends and fans, but God’s timing is not our own. I offer my condolences. He will be sorely missed.

Reviewed by: Takiela Bynum