Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mr. Inside

Tragedy has a way revealing what is hidden in the recesses of the heart forcing one to question the very existence of God.

This has to be one of the most poignant pieces of fictitious literature that I’ve read. It leaves a certain lingering satisfaction.

Mr. Inside is otherwise known as Dr. Gustov Miller. He is the owner of Lost and Found International, by which he and Mr. Outside (James Morrison) successfully collects lost or stolen ancient artifacts and heirlooms.

The novel starts in 1947 when Dr. Miller is a young boy. Dr. Miller and his brother Andrew Miller are PK’s (preacher’s kids). Their parents’ heavy involvement in the ministry causes the Miller brothers to be well informed, as it pertains to the ways of Christendom.

Soon the Miller family feels a pulling in a different area of ministry. This calling leads them to destitute realms in Africa to be missionaries. While on their journey the Millers come face to face with an experience that changes the course of their lives forever.

After witnessing the traumatic experience in Africa the brothers’ reaction spills to opposite ends of the spectrum. One brother flees into the safety of agoraphobia, while the other pours himself into the family business.

The unanswered question that plagues Christians, Non-Christians and those who are still searching is simply this: ‘If God is real then why does he allow pain, suffering…death?’

The author, L. Frank James, does not in any means try to provide an answer to that question. However, he does offer comfort for the bitterness that stems from unforgiveness.

L. Frank James has cleverly written this novel in the perspective of the brother who holds his own heart captive. The question is asked to this brother, “Do you believe, do you not, in the God of the universe?” The brother answers, “He may exist, he may not. If he does he has long since abandoned us to our own devices.”

How does one combat God’s love with agnosticism? The love of God is not a point to be proven but it is a simple offering, for accepting or rejecting. What will you choose? “…time is wasting and eternity is waiting,” one brother tells the other in Mr. Inside.

L. Frank James is the award winning author of An Open Grave: Sherlock Holmes Investigates His Ultimate Case, his first novel. He allures the reader with his intriguing methodology in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, L. James Frank has departed this world. His demise was too soon I’m sure for his family, friends and fans, but God’s timing is not our own. I offer my condolences. He will be sorely missed.

Reviewed by: Takiela Bynum

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